10 UX Design Principles that Every Good Designers Follow

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UX or user experience is a term which you will hear a lot. However, without in-depth knowledge you might not understand the UX in web design. User experience refers to the values of some services or a product. If you know the best design principles of UX, you will be able to stay ahead of people who are in the same profession.

Understanding UI and UX

These two terms usually get confused while working on them. You need to understand that even though UI plays many roles in UX design, UX holds much bigger scope than UI. However, don’t even think that user interface is not important. Use of user interface properly can make a difference in mobile or computer application. When used properly UI can break an app. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the most important features of design.

To create a website or an app which people feel comfortable with, you need to use both UI and UX. In fact the user interface designers need to get information from user experience if they want to create a great website. User experience enables designers to understand what error to take care of. They also need to know how the flow of the user works. An effective website comes out when all these aspects are assessed with proper care.

Knowing the Target Audience

Effective web page design comes from knowing the psychology of the people. When you know what the people are looking for, you will find it easy to design a website which both attracts visitors and make them come back for more of your website. However, the trick is to finding out your target audience. Everyone will not come to your website. You cannot please everyone either. For this reason, learn to stream your audience. If you are on the process of making your website go live, you must already know who your target audience or visitors are. Keeping these people in mind, you should design your website.

It is important to know what needs bring people to a website. Once this is clear, you can create your website in a way that people find their requirements. However, sometimes people get lost in the process of finding out what works and what does not. They even fail to understand what visitors are looking for. In such a situation of indecision, you can explore the websites of your competitions. Once you go through the websites, you will get an idea what visitors will expect from your website.

Simply Consistent

Consistency is important. To augment users experience, you need to keep your website simply. A complicated website does not have much chance of attracting desired number of visitors. Such a website, in fact, turns people away to other sites. It is important to remember that there are countless websites and therefore, it is not difficult to turn to some other website. The interface needs to be consistent through the entire website.

Creating Hierarchy

The elements of the website need to be highlighted if you want to attract focus on them. The web development should be in a way that the element which you consider the most important attracts attention before anything else. You might get an idea about hierarchy from ecommerce websites. They use bright color on the buy button to make people look at the button before anything.


To create right UX or user’s experience, you need to use proper typography. When you are starting over, it might be easy to find every font appealing. But, some fonts don’t work in attracting the attention of the visitors. For this reason, you need to be careful about everything, font color, font size and even font type. The idea is to create great UX. Therefore, offer comfort to the web users.

Color Makes a Difference

Color is an important feature which can play a big role in the website designing. If you are adept at color therapy or psychology, you would know how color affects people and their performance. Here the idea is to chase comfort for the website visitors. Therefore, use colors that bestow comfort along with makes it easy for the visitors to read.

To augment user experience, you need to decide which color you will use for what purpose.

Get Feedback

To know about user’s experience, you need to get feedback of the users. Design a great feedback message. This will help you create better interface.

Designing Forms

Through forms users usually communicate with the web projects. Sometimes designers end up making these forms so complicated that visitors fail to use them. However, here the problem is creating a form which people will indulge into without hesitation. Don’t think that users have ample of time to sign in to your form. Make it as simple as possible.

Using Proper Collaboration Tool

Now, this might seem confusing. But, when you are working in a team, it becomes important to seek everyone’s opinion when creating an interface. This increases the website’s usability and in order increases the user experience. Keep a team on track is not easy. For this you might require tools. Make it a point to use collaborating tools which will keep your team working together without going ashtray on track. Explore and find out about the website making tools to keep your work organized.

Keep Multiple Disciplines Organized

Maintaining a balance is important in web design. You as a designer need to strike this balance between user experience and user interface. Designing interface which attracts people’s attention can be difficult. For this reason, you need to find out about the user’s experience. If you don’t know what make users come back to a website for more information, how would you design the right website for them?

In the end, you need to keep the web development in a way that the interfaces of the website are all easy to use and work with. Right font, right color and right navigation come together to play a big role in this.   

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